August 29, 2015     Asheville, North Carolina

The Wedding Event of the summer!

*Cue movie trailer voice* In a world where life moves too fast and the most important connection people seek is 4G. Can 2 people make an analog union in a digital world?

She was an ordinary woman following her passion for science, preparing for a solo journey. He was a rockstar (jazzstar?) with a mind for entrepreneurial endeavors.

After leaving life at sea, she took one night to escape the pressures of the looming future. That’s when he saw her in the audience and zeroed in. One cheesy pickup line later, they were inseperable…after the 2 weeks it took him to text her. (Sure, sure, he was on the road). She’s from Orange County, California; he’s from Orange County, Florida. Together, they never have to worry about scurvy.

Bonded by a love for craft beer, urban hikes, and Battlestar Galactica, they faced life’s trials with honesty and humor.

Then, just when she thought she had everything, he asked her to take it one step further. They’ve already survived one round of grad school. Now, join them as they embark on their most challenging crusade yet: matrimony.

Will she survive his frequent non-sequiturs?

Will he survive her devotion to Joss Whedon?

Based on a true story: Pam and Dan. The wedding event of the summer. There may be tears, there may be gasps, there will be laughter.

August 29th, 2015

What's the timeline for this shindig?

  • The ceremony starts at 2:30 pm

  • Games and beverages will be provided starting at 2:00 so you can calm your jitters and have some fun before the serious stuff happens. 

  • Following the ceremony, there will be time for cocktails before we move into the reception.

  • Music, dancing, and general hijinks will ensue after that!

Travel & Accommodations

We know it's a bit of a trek for most of you. There are a few travel options.  Asheville, NC has an airport but it's often easier flying into Greenville, SC.

Links to hotels nearby:

You can also look into renting a house, which is often more cost effective (and fun) with a group. Here are some rental properties to look into.



If you would like to purchase a gift for us off of our registry, we are registered at Amazon, and REI.

Attire suggestions

We're pretty laid back people and want you to feel comfortable throughout the festivities. "Garden party casual" is recommended - but that may be a made-up dress code. Key things to note:

  • It will likely be warm and humid

  • Most of the event will be on grass so choose your footwear accordingly

  • Wedding colors are navy and sage - if you wish to coordinate

Other activities in Asheville

If you're planning on making a vacation out of your trip, here are a few suggestions for where to go!


The Hart House

54 Fair Oaks Estate, Fletcher, NC 28732

The Hart House

The Hart House

The Hart House

The Hart House

The Hart House Interior

The Hart House Interior

Please let us know if you have any questions or requests!

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